Free Steam Key: Tales of the Orient

Tales of the Orient- The Rising Sun

The Developer says:

Travel to the Edo period in Japan and help Satsu and Miyamoto in an epic adventure to preserve ancient Japan. Prove your skills in Challenge mode with limited moves. Experience the excitement of building an ancient Japanese village in this engaging Match 3 game. See the beautiful scenery while listening to relaxing music inspired by this period in Japanese history. Dive into an epic story of honor and courage and help a Geisha and a Samurai save the day in Tales of the Orient: The Rising Sun!

– Three game play modes: swap, pop, chain
– Can you win in challenge mode?
– Build an ancient Japanese village
– Exciting adventure
– Rotate the board make the best matches

free steam key tales of the orient

The Community says:

Personal Rating: 7.5 of 10

A match three game with a twist. When I first started playing, I almost uninstalled it after 5 minutes. The game was very difficult even just on stage 2 because the spaces are tight and blocked while tiles don’t spawn on the side after I accidentally cleared the bottom. However I come to realise that you can actually rotate the puzzle and the tiles will start to fill up the empty spaces again. How silly of me. Apart from your convention swapping tiles, you can also choose from 2 additional play style (which is quite similar actually).

Each game will earn you some gold and you need to spend them rebuilding your town. After certain milestone you will unlock certain powers that will recharge when you consume tiles. The story and town building is irrelevent in my opinion as you only click on purchase once you have the gold and the building simply appears on the landscape. It does not provide any other use apart from eye candy and the feeling of progression.

The game can be challenging as you can see from the screen shot. The convention slide beside the blocked tiles to break them and you need to do that several times. One thing that really annoys me is the speed of the game and the animation which is painfully slow.

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