Games Republic Summer Sale

Last 3 days of Games Republic Summer Sale!
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250+ games up to 90% off!
Last chance to grab the best games in best prices! Starting with DOOM, Dark Souls III, Hearts of Iron IV, GTA, Mount & Blade, Hotline Miami, Talos Principle – and many more! Some deals are even better than on Steam, so check it out!
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Devolver Digital games up to 90% off
Legendary indie games publisher, Devolver Digital, is also a part of our Summer Sale. I like their games, because these are some of the most crazy ones available! I recommend the extremely fast Hotline Miami with its violent gameplay, great pixelated graphics and pure awesome soundtrack! And Hotline Miami 2 just got an update which allows you to build your own levels! But if you’d prefer to spend some time thinking about… well just about everything, The Talos Principle and it’s philosophical story will fit your needs. – Sklaj, The Mad Graphic
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shopheaderbackgroundimage far cry primal
Ubisoft games up to 50% off
The latest parts of popular Ubisoft series join our Summer Sale! Choose yours – you can conquer space in strategy game Anno 2205, or visit the Stone Age to become the Apex Predator in Far Cry: Primal. As for me, I’ll take a trip to victorian London to lead the assassin’s brotherhood in the fight with Templars in the newest part of Assassin’s Creed!– Solostran, Lord of The Offers
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shopheaderbackgroundimage escapists
Team 17 games up to 90% off
Everytime when someone in our GR Crew is talking about Team17, my first thought is: Worms. Second one: pure awesomness! I remember the very beginnings of the series, and what Team17 did with this franchise is just great. I lost the count of all games featuring deadly worms, but every next game seems to be even funnier than the previous one. But there are more great games from Team17, like The Escapists, where you have to plan and execute your prison escape. Story seems quite simple, but do you know that prisoners are REALLY smuggling spoons from the canteen to dig their way to freedom? – Cook, Evil Marketing Guy
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shopheaderbackgroundimage mountblade
Mount & Blade Full Collection 75% off
Complete package of three games from Mount & Blade series, with two DLCs, means countless hours of gameplay, battle and exploration. First you have to fight for domination in Calradia, and then take the throne of your land. Afterwards, story contains giant historic events, like Battle of Waterloo. Add to this hundreds of mods that can take the game to such universes like Star Wars and Game of Thrones, and you know it’s a game for years! – Cpt. Paul, Social Media Ninja
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Games Republic Summer Sale

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