Get Shadow Warrior 2 free from GOG

EDIT: Shadow Warrior 2 is free for 48 hours! Add it to your GOG library here and keep it forever!

To celebrate 10 years of GOG (Good Old Games), they’re letting you vote for your favorite game out of these 3: Shadow Warrior 2, SUPERHOT or Firewatch. Whichever game gets the most votes, will be free this Thursday.

To vote, head over to GOG and pick the game you’d most want to be free. Also, tell us in the comments below what did you vote for! I’m predicting Shadow Warrior 2 might win, but SUPERHOT and Firewatch are (at least in my personal opinion) better games.

Get Shadow Warrior 2, SUPERHOT or Firewatch free from GOG

We’ll update the article on Thursday when the winning game is announced and becomes free. Of course, being on GOG, the free game will come as a DRM-free download!


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