Giveaway: AGFPRO 3.0 Game Creator Bundle x 5 (winners announced)

EDIT: congrats to the 5 winners, we’ve just sent you your Steam keys! Remember to redeem them before August 27th!


Game creators, future and current, here’s a chance to get some awesome game making tools for free!

Take a chance and maybe you’ll be one of the lucky five that will get Steam keys to AGFPRO 3.0 Game Creator & DLC Bundle. Good luck!
AGFPRO 3.0 Game Creator & DLC Bundle x 5

AGFPRO 3.0 Game Creator Bundle is a bundle that brings one of the most effective toolsets for building RPG and FPS games without previous coding knowledge. AGFPRO will provide you with a comprehensive toolset designed to give you powerful and rapid level creation, terrain and vegetation editing – and atmosphere construction to bring the games from your head –  to life. AGFPRO is an excellent jumping off point for creating rich, full gaming worlds, and maybe making a career out of it.

  • You can use the integrated AGF Launch Pad to access all of AGF’s applications & new downloadable content
  • Upload your levels into other game design programs using AGF Scene Loader
  • Control your characters in ARPG, Platform, & FPS formats
  • Transfer the asset bundles between Unity Pro & AGFPro w/ the AGF Asset Packager
  • Share your game levels with your friends through social media

This bundle also includes Voxel Sculpt for AGFPRO – With Voxel Sculpt, you’ll be able to customize voxels one by one in AGFPRO to create extremely refined worlds without having to code. Drone Kombat is a fast-action First-Person Shooter in which you create maps from an array of pre-selected modular interior and exterior location assets. Zombies have never been hotter, and you can light them up in your personally constructed world with the Zombie FPS Player DLC for AGFPRO 3.0.

Some retro games just never go out of style. With the Fantasy Side Scroller Player, you can build amazing 3D side-scrolling games that put a colorful update on a classic game style. Build a fully co-op world on the ARGPRO platform and invite your friends on epic adventures using the Battlemat Multi-Player for AGFPRO 3.0

Don’t want to play? You can buy it directly at IGB DEALS for just $9.99 (It costs much more on Steam)


The winners will be announced (and Steam keys mailed to them) on August 17th. Good luck!

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