Giveaway: Predator Simulator

Another giveaway, this time exclusively for our Steam group members! We’re giving away 5 Steam keys for Predator Simulator.

Predator Simulator is an action arcade RPG packed with endless gameplay and new missions for every game session. On a quest to become a true Lionborn, you get to save the planet by wiping out humanity from the face of the earth. Didn’t you always want to do that anyway? Now is your chance!

Explore the wild countryside while enjoying fresh farm raised pigs, rooster & chicken wings. Reach the human populated city to start your manhunt and climb up the defcon levels. Eat anything that moves because that what a predator does to survive. Tasty and weak human prey will get you big rewards, but be careful, too much chaos will attract the hunters!

How to participate?

  • Join our Steam group and find the Predator Simulator giveaway post.
  • Comment on the topic why would you like to win Predator Simulator underneath the post.
  • Wait for the results until Sunday, May 24th.
  • We will post and award best comments right here in this article.
  • In case you win, visit the Predator Simulator on Steam and write a review!

Best of luck!

Update, May 24th: The winners!

These comments made us laugh, and we find that they definitely deserve their Steam keys:

Because everyone’s favorite part of zoo tycoon is taking away the gates.
(for nailing it!)
I want this key because the developer promised it to everyone who voted for the game to go greenlit, and then it was changed for some reason. I want the justice to rule.
(fair enough)
If i win, I will be a pacifist lion. Eating people is just too mainstream for a lion. As an unordinary lion, how nice it would be running around dodging bullets
(you lie, but we’re expecting to see a footage so you can prove it!)
Looks pretty goofy and entertaining. I’d give it a go! Now that I think about it I think my sister would love it!
(because sharing is caring)
I’d like to win because I may lack predatory instincts… unless greed for games counts.
(for being honest)
Thanks for participating! And don’t forget to write a review for the game on its Steam store page once you try it!

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