GOG: Wing Commander Saga

The Wing Commander franchise originated in 1990 with the release of titular game, a groundbreaking space combat simulation. Set in the 27th century, the games tell the story of humanity’s war against the Kilrathi, an alien species of large… well cat-like beings. The Kilrathi are native to the planet Kilrah with their society depicted as an empire. Physically they are bipeds who strongly resemble big cats: they have leonine manes, but also have markings which distinguish their clan of origin.

The player represents the Terran Confederation, the primary human government in the Wing Commander series. It’s an alliance of systems and regional governments which provide unified protection and economic growth. Launching from carrier ships, the player fulfills various missions in space fighter aircraft. The games were all notable for their storytelling through extensive cutscenes. Starting with Wing Commander III, every game (excluding Secret Ops) contained cutscenes that incorporated live action filming, starring several major Hollywood actors, including John Rhys-Davies, Mark Hamill, Thomas F. Wilson and Malcolm McDowell, as well as Christopher Walken, John Hurt, and Clive Owen in Privateer 2: The Darkening.

Wing Commander Saga includes:

  • Wing Commander 1 + 2
  • Wing Commander 3: Heart of the Tiger
  • Wing Commander 4: The Price of Freedom
  • Wing Commander 5: Prophecy Gold Edition
  • Wing Commander: Privateer
  • Privateer 2: The Darkening
  • Wing Commander: Armada
  • Wing Commander: Academy

Note that you can save 80% when buying the whole pack, or 60% when buying titles individually.

Grab Wing Commander Saga over at GOG.


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