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Solarix is a fairly-linear stealth-based experience that seems to have felt the need to describe itself as something more.

Solarix advertises itself as a science-fiction horror game featuring open-ended levels for both combative and stealth-focused playstyles. This does not seem to be the case at all. Solarix is a stealth game. If you go into it not expecting to blast enemies, your experience might be considerably different than mine.

However, even trying to look at it with fresh eyes I found the entire experience rather lackluster. I did have fun being scared for the first hour or so, but once you figure out that the enemies don’t have peripheral vision, and are about as intelligent as a box of hair, it becomes a lot less engaging. There are a lot of amazing sights to be seen, however most of the game will have you slinking through dark metal spaceship corridors.

There is still a lot of unrealized potential here. The game would benefit greatly from another year of development and a second drafting, luckily the dev team is quite active. So is it worth adding to your library? Lets take a deeper look at Solarix.

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