Grab Splinter Cell for FREE

Grab Splinter Cell for FREE in another promo by Ubisoft!

Released in November 2002 exclusively on Xbox and PC (followed by other platforms), Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell was an important step in Ubisoft history, the first blockbuster to be developed by Ubisoft Montreal featuring one of the most beloved  characters ever created by the studio.


Splinter Cell’s core idea revolved around a technological innovation: dynamic lighting. For the first time in a game, lighting cold be modified in real time, enabling developers to rejuvenate the stealth genre and allow players to hide and search in the shadows. Players could also create safe areas by destroying lights, and had to adapt to moving ones.
The game was critically acclaimed and received the 2002 E3 official award for best Action Adventure game. With his light goggles and numerous stealthy moves, Sam Fisher immediately became one of the most popular video game characters ever, and the franchise has had continued success, with five sequels, seven novels, and a forthcoming motion picture.


To get your free game, go to Ubisoft‘s Ubi 30 promo page and follow the instructions.

Free Uplay account required.

Enjoy playing!

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