GreenManGaming – 16 mini-bundles of Summer

During this summer, GMG is offering 16 mini bundles, each coming with 2 Steam games and costing generally around $1, collecting some unknown indies and well received games like Evil Genius, LEGO Batman, Rocket Knight, Magicka and others.

GreenManGaming - 16 mini-bundles of Summer

Take note that games in the mini-bundles can change, and not all 2-packs are available in all regions.

For instance, one of the packs collects This War of Mine and Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword for just 2,22€.

Another great pack collects LEGO Batman: The Videogame and Aporia: Beyond The Valley for 1,66€.

To see all 16 2-packs that are on offer, head over to GreenManGaming while the bundles are available.