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GreenManGaming: Castlevania Anniversary Collection (75% off)

The Castlevania Anniversary Collection brings the classic Castlevania games from the 8/16 bit era back to modern platforms and a new generation of players. Currently 75% off at Green Man Gaming.

GreenManGaming: Retro Bundle by Immanitas Entertainment

Retro Bundle by Immanitas Entertainment collects 10 lesser known Steam indie games such as Chipmonk!, Strike Force Kitty and others for a total of $4.04. 

GreenManGaming: Contra Anniversary Collection

The Contra Anniversary Collection brings this classic Run and Gun franchise back to modern platforms and a new generation of players. Get it for low price of $4.25 at Green Man Gaming

GMG Immanitas Entertainment Pack

Want to fatten your Steam library a bit? GMG Immanitas Entertainment Pack is collecting 10 indie Steam games for €3.42. Get Sleeping Valley, BalanCity, Rover Wars, Asteroid Hideout and more

GreenManGaming – 16 mini-bundles of Summer

During this summer, GMG is offering 16 mini bundles, each coming with 2 Steam games, collecting some unknown indies and well received games like Evil Genius, LEGO Batman, Rocket Knight, Magicka and others.

GMG is offering free Outbreak Steam keys

Explore a nightmarish environment, scrounge for supplies, and battle the undead in Outbreak -- an online co-op/offline survival horror game.

Green Man Gaming 5 Games for $4 Bundle

Another custom bundle for $4, this time at Green Man Gaming. You can even select multiple copies of the same game and get 5 of them for just $4.

GMG Castlevania Triple Pack ($2.99)

GMG Castlevania Triple Pack just launched – a collection of 3 latest Castlevania games, including the awesome Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.