Groupees The 50 – Trapped Bundle ($0.50)

Groupees The 50 – Trapped Bundle collects 5 games and 3 albums for just 50 cents!

Pay $0.50 and get the following games:

  • Trapped Dead (Steam)
  • Redactem (Steam)
  • Greed: Black Border (Steam)
  • KnightShift (Steam)
  • Captain The Runner (

Paying 50 cents will also get you the following music albums:

  • Fog Like This by Steph Copeland
  • Midnight Orchestra by Arbiyan Music
  • RPG 24: The Koden Files by Ser Flash

20% of your money will go to Doctors Without Borders, a well known charity that’s helping people all around the world.

Grab Groupees The 50 – Trapped Bundle here for the next 7 days

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