Groupees Build a Bundle 15

Groupees Build a Bundle 15 is live, yet again giving you a choice to make your own indie game bundle.

Pick between these games in Groupees Build a Bundle 15 and make your own bundle, or buy everything for just 3 dollars!

  • Sunny Hillride – Sunny Hillride is a fun journey with the whole family, filled with adventure, fun and speed!
  • Crash Landing – You are the only survivor. Your ship crashed. You don´t know where, you don´t know why. As a security officer of mining starship ISS Ravada, it is your job to find out what happened to your ship. Stranded on a planet that doesn´t exist and attacked by alien creatures never seen before, you find secrets that no one was suppose to see.
  • Stalingrad – Stalingrad is a real-time strategy title that places gamers in the middle of the most dramatic periods of World War II
  • Sim Junta – Welcome Sir. You are the new dictator of Risuena, a small and poor country of the third world. You have just seized power after a bloody coup and your intentions are to stay in power as long as you can, to rip this country off, transfer the money to your secret Swiss bank account and of course, stay alive and enjoy your wealth.
  • Rush for gold: Alaska – Who says the time of the great gold prospectors has passed?! You have an opportunity to be one yourself. Explore locations for gold and other useful resources, protect your workers from wild animals and robbers, and build the town of your dreams in Alaska
  • Fantasy Mall – A casual and fun game , fantasy mall is a short game for your mobile device targeted to be an Arcade shopingmall simulator , have a few hours of great casual gameplay without the hassle of intense time bounded , challenges and complex mechanics.just you your mall and hordes of customers.
  • Zombie Apocalypse: Escape The Undead City – Battle through Zombie Apocalypse horror! Which is better – shotgun, pistol or AK-47? Blast their rotten, infected brains out and choose your favorite! Scavenge weapons and armor to pimp out your souped up zombie slaying car – then plow down the man-eating hordes to Escape the Undead City, and try not to get your guts torn out!!!
  • Star Ball Galaxy – In Star Ball Galaxy you roll around the galaxy with the Super Star Man and save your star friends from the Space Ghosts. Roll as fast as you can in three different galaxies with 9 different stages on each. In every stage you must collect your star friends and avoid the evil space ghosts that chase you. Try to collect every star in any level and track your time record
  • Bear Naked Rampage – You are the bear let loose in the village, looking for payback – maul as many townsfolk as you can!

Yes, there’s a game where you’re a bear and you need to “maul villagers”. Fun times.

Grab the Groupees Build a Bundle 15 while you can

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