Groupees: Build a Greenlight Bundle #21

Build a custom bundle from a selection of 8 games in the new Build a Greenlight Bundle.

Follows Amber Ridge as she finds herself broken down on a mountain road in Grave Prosperity: Redux.

Wanna fight in an arena like a real life gladiator? Cloud Knights is kind of the same, but with knights and a bit more campy.

Alpha Version.0 is a jump’n shoot action platformer featuring over 8 stages, 6 upgradeable guns, 3 power weapons, upgradeable armor pieces, a built-in map editor and much more!

Didn’t have good enough grades to get into medical school? SORS is a sci-fi doctor simulator where you must help diagnose patients whilst someone is hacking the hospital and disrupting your shifts.

Descending is a cyber-punk puzzle platformer set in an improbably tall tower block full of death traps and psychopaths.

Technology has advanced, and a new world of information has been revealed. Mankind knows it as the internet, but locals know it as Hypt.

Broken Bots is an online multiplayer top-down shooter in which multiple teams battle for control of the map.

Take control over a ball that really badly wants to go to heaven in Start Bolita.

Orbital Cargo is a resource managment and business strategy game set in the vacuum of space.

The Bulid a Greenlight Bundle #21 contains:

  • Grave Prosperity: Redux- part 1
  • Cloud Knights
  • Alpha Version.0
  • S.O.R.S.
  • Descending
  • Hypt
  • Broken Bots
  • StartBolita
  • Orbital Cargo

Get your copy of the Build a Greenlight Bundle #21 over at Groupees!


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