Groupees: Build a Greenlight Bundle #22

Build a custom bundle from a selection of 9 games in the new Build a Greenlight Bundle #22.

Titanis is a 2D Action RPG set in the desert wasteland of the far future.

Escape Machines is an addictive Science Fiction single/multi-player/co-op adventure shooter in the near future!

Spoko and Poko need your help to transport a ball to their cottage. Are you ready to help them? Remember to collect all diamonds on the way!

Not Without My Donuts is an interesting game where you have to, well, defend your donuts.

The Story Goes On is a hack n’ slash, beat ‘em up style game centered around a randomly generated maze.

Gameplay in Chronoclysm consists of short quick paced action rounds. Each one echos forward. Every missile summoned, bridge built, bomb laid, or sword slashed plays out again.

PING 1.5+ is a new arcade style puzzle game with the objective of shooting the cube and bouncing it off of corners to get through over 100 stages to reach the orange.

City Z is a Top Down Shooter in which every “New Game” is really a totally new game.

Breakout Invaders is a fun fusion between two game genres: “Breakout” and “Space Invaders”. Play through a big levels variety, with a lot of original game styles.

The Build a Greenlight Bundle #22 includes:

  • Titanis
  • Escape Machines
  • Spoko and Poko
  • Not without my Donuts
  • The Story Goes On
  • Chronoclysm
  • PING 1.5+
  • City Z
  • Breakout Invaders

Get your copy of the Build a Greenlight Bundle #22 over at Groupees!

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