Groupees: Build a Greenlight Bundle #28

Build a Greenlight Bundle #28 is out, containing 8 indie games.

Jump over lasers, avoid terrible moving saws, dodge giant crushers and think your way out of the endless space station in which you are held captive in Fractal Space.

Arcane Sorcery is a 4X style fantasy conquest game. Inspired by Total War, Might and Magic and Master of Magic. Command armies, build an economy, research spells, summon powerful creatures and conquer your enemies.

Escape From Biostation is a fun platformer / shooter about a robot fleeing a doomed space station you will have your wits tested and your funny bone tickled as you explore the nature decks, crew deckls and lab decks, upgrading your gear, fighting giant bosses and solving puzzles!

In System Recovery you can choose between procedurally generated roguelite missions to found and expand your anti-virus organization, or take on the survival themed DDOS missions, attempting various challenges that would bring even the most seasoned anti-virus veteran out of their comfort zone.

Frizzy is a tiny ball of dirt and fur. Within this late 90’s retro art style setting, the player must solve puzzles while simultaneously moving in an intense platforming environment utilizing gravity and sandbox mechanics.

MacGuffin is a first person adventure and comedy game about stealing a mysterious object, called the MacGuffin. It takes place in an alternative present.

The Deletion is a challenging minimalist puzzle-platform game with 40 levels of awesomeness. The controls are simple and easy to use but the levels will test your wits as you use careful timing and reflexes.

Redemption: Eternal Quest is a unique and challenging RPG/Sim where you manage a group of adventurers, guiding them through thrilling quests and collecting treasure and relics.

Build a Greenlight Bundle #28 includes:

  • Fractal Space
  • Arcane Sorcery
  • Escape From BioStation
  • System Recovery
  • Frizzy
  • MacGuffin
  • The Deletion
  • Redemption: Eternal Quest

Get your copy of Build a Greenlight Bundle #28 over at Groupees!

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