Groupees: Build A Greenlight Bundle #41

Groupees: Build A Greenlight Bundle #41

  • Derelict [on greenlight] (Windows)

Derelict is a top down shooter, rogue like (like) set in a post apocalyptic galaxy. You have woken up from stasis long after the fall of humanity and must try to survive in this hostile region of space. Luckily, thousands of years of human colonization have left countless derelict space craft, abandoned space stations and the crumbling remains of human settlements ripe for looting.

  • Boundel [on greenlight] (Windows)

Boundel is a different kind of MMORPG. No quests or missions. Just live like a wild one in a completely open world. Discover new lands and new treasures, and track down the darkness in the sky with your friends to loot the great treasure.

  • Mogwash [on greenlight] (Windows)

The new fantastical platform game, Mogwash! Save Sludge City from these looting, polluting gangsters and eat lots of delicious mogsnacks on the way. Mogwash is a pile of retro goodness all squashed into one ginormous pie!

  • Puzzle Galaxies [on greenlight](Windows)

Puzzle Galaxies is a groundbreaking puzzle video game similar to games like Bejeweled and Candy Crush. You must match jewels stored in a space station in a manner similar to Bejeweled, but there’s a twist – there are enemies that will come by and try to take matching jewels on you!


  • NORTH on greenlight (Windows)

The description for this Greenlight bundle title is utterly bare, which doesn’t give me much hope for the game. Apply for asylum in a city filled with strange creatures. WASD or Arrows to move / Mouse click to interact. Collector’s Edition will come with the official North OST.

  • Hyposphere on greenlight (Windows)

The game “Hyposphere” tells the story of the battle of humanity gone mad with artificial intelligence. Manage probe and go a hundred levels in a new arcade puzzle game. Abstract picture drawn by crazy mind of the computer and excellent graphics will not let you get bored.

  • Longshot Universe [on greenlight] (Windows/Mac)

The game takes place on three separate 2d surfaces. Players battle by flying around within a surface and popping up and down between surfaces as part of out maneuvering their opponent. By playing within the 2d space, even though its a 3d game, we can allow some crazier moves, almost a Street Fighter style of special moves and combos, into our dog fights.

  • Project G [on greenlight] (Windows)

Project G is a side scrolling shooter that drops you into a future of hostile seas with augmented sea life and a chilly hell of bullets. Your ship is a deep sea shuttle equipped with a variety of weapons, that can be upgraded and changed to meet your playing style / mission requirements.

Get your fill of Greenlight titles over at Groupees!

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