Groupees: Build a Greenlight Bundle #12

Couple of great Greenlight games are included in latest Groupees offer.

Going through dungeons, the player kills monsters, explores dungeons and lights a torch that would light them. In Dungeon of Gain you’ll find chests with weapons, armor and potions to help you on your further journey.

Developed by a team of two, Cold Contract is a turn-based tactic game with real-time strategy elements. You play a team leader, which has been left for dead by an unknown man in a previous operation.


An incident during a routine expedition transforms the underwater mining facility into a deathtrap in Station. You find yourself surrounded by fire, water, bare wires, and crewmembers, off their heads and ready to take a chunk out of you.


Synonymy is an interesting game of finding the paths between random words through their network of synonyms. By taking the synonym of a word, and then a synonym of that synonym, and so on, you can ultimately arrive at any other word in the English language.

Build your own Greenlight bundle from these games:

  • Dungeon of Gain
  • Super Cyborg
  • Cold Contract (Beta)
  • Station (Alpha)
  • Downpour
  • Synonymy
  • Abomination Tower
  • Final Dusk

Get it over at Groupees.

Note: Synonymy is a great game to practice your language skills. If you’d like to see more of similar content, check the latest Humble Weekly Bundle HERE.


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