Groupees: Build a Greenlight Bundle #14

Build a Greenlight bundle out of eight suggested Steam games. If the games are Greenlit, you get their Steam keys! Groupees really made an effort to present some interesting titles, some of them being:

Dragonmaze, Super Elf Jump and NekoChan Hero present their own takes on platforming genre, while Anomaly 1729 makes an interesting puzzler with a unique world-rotation mechanic. You’ll really need to think outside of the box in this one!


If you wish to experience somewhat deeper stories and narratives, Build a Greenlight Bundle also comes with claustrophobic Anoxemia, eerie adventure One Final Breath, and inspiring X-Note. There’s a weird little thing called Blades of Righteous included, and multiplayer hit Miner Warfare¬†as a bonus!


Build a Greenlight Bundle from these games:

  • Anoxemia
  • Blades of the Righteous
  • One Final Breath
  • Go Kinok! Go!
  • X-note
  • Super Elf Jump
  • Dragon Maze
  • NekoChan Hero
  • Anomaly 1729
  • Miner Warfare

Build a Greenlight Bundle over at Groupees!

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