Groupees: Build a Greenlight Bundle #16

Build a Greenlight Bundle #16 brings some fresh selection for your New Year’s Greenlight basket! Here are the standouts:

Hare in the Hat is a fancy Point & Click quest in cartoon setting: first chapter of game! Action in this chapter takes place in magician’s room, full of puzzles, riddles, clues and hidden object, where player have to find and a way to release the Hare from captivity! Lavapools is a hardcore arcade game, all about dodging death in a rising hell. You play Krusty, a crab whose child have been kidnapped by a terrible octopus.Particula brings you a new perspective in gaming, helping you to concentrate, and to clear your mind while overcoming flashy obstacles.

An interesting platformer There Was a Caveman will evoke some of the nostalgic arcade games from the past. Also included in Build a Greenlight Bundle #16 is the hit indie game Drew and a Floating Labyrinth. Rouglike fans will be interested in Lord of the Dark Castle and Eternal Step. Plus, bunch of other content included!

Build a Greenlight Bundle #16 includes:

  • Hare In The Hat
  • Centauri Sector
  • Lord of the Dark Castle
  • Eternal Step
  • Drew and the Floating Labyrinth
  • Lavapools
  • There was a Caveman
  • Particula
  • 199X

Plus, once 4000 bundles are sold you’ll get Islabomba for free!

Build a Greenlight Bundle #16 over at Groupees!

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