Groupees The Casual Bundle 8

Groupees The Casual Bundle 8 casually strolls online, offering 7 casual games for those of you seeking something easy and different from all the post apocalyptic survival games. This bundle includes jigsaw puzzles with puppies. How can you say no to that?


Pay at least $1 to get:

  • The Worm – The Worm is a game that mixes the classic with innovation!
  • Fruits Inc. Deluxe Pack – Fruits Inc stars Brooke, a young business student who suddenly gets the opportunity to work at her grandmother’s farm. While there is only one mode with 45 levels, the game takes players into consideration who prefer a slower pace.
  • Trendpoker 3D Community Edition – Jumpstart your Texas Hold’em Poker career with the new Trendpoker 3D Communtiy Edition! Aiming at both professional and beginner poker players, the remake of the top-selling Trendpoker3D Texas Hold’em game offers both multiplayer and singleplayer modes.

Not enough? Pay at least $1.99 to also get the following casual PC games:

  • Puppy Dog: Jigsaw Puzzles is the perfect game to dog lovers and jigsaw puzzle game enthusiasts. The game includes 84 challenging jigsaw puzzles with beautiful pictures of irresistible cute puppies.
  • Black Rainbow – Find your way out of the dark forest of Amazonia Search through dozens of hidden and sacred places
  • Bayla Bunny has discovered a book full of maps to magical treasures and loot, and sets out on an exciting adventure to discover them all. Energized and ready to explore, she takes off running and once she gets going, she rarely stops!
  • Mahjong Deluxe 2: Astral Planes is an out-of-this-world Mahjong game produced by award-winning game developer EnsenaSoft, challenging you to complete increasingly complex mahjong puzzles rendered in glorious 3D.

Groupees The Casual Bundle 8 is available for the next 2 weeks, so casually walk over there and grab some puppy puzzles!

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