Groupees: Fantomenk’s Favorites Music + Charity Bundle



From time to time you just get tired of your music selection, right? Wrong? Who cares! Groupees just released their latest music bundle with the music favorites of the one and only Fantomenk, a Swedish artist who is fresh and full of energy! If you’re into dark cyberpunk settings, make sure to check out the album 2039 by Tom Mauritzon. If you’re into cheese, then Supernova by Thunderclash is your type of album (even though I’m not sure what’s the connection between cheese and music but ok).

The Fantomenk’s Favorites Music + Charity Bundle includes:

  • Thunderclash – Supernova
  • Bossfight – Caps On, Hats Off
  • Tom Mauritzon – 2039
  • Meganeko – Robot Language
  • Fantomenk – The Massacre
  • Meganeko – Boy irl Girl url
  • Trey Frey – Refresh
  • Kloudmen – Mixed Tracks

Get your copy of The Fantomenk’s Favorites Music + Charity Bundle over at Groupees!



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