Groupees: Lifestyles of The Twitch And Famous Bundle

The new Lifestyles of The Twitch And Famous bundle contains 7 exciting games for your gaming pleasure. Remember, Groupees add bonus games to the bundle when a certain number of copies is sold.

Race through beautiful procedurally generated 3D space-scapes or a set of 13 hand-crafted challenges in Rage Runner.

Enjoy the uncluttered and peculiar aesthetics of Pretentious Game and plunge wholeheartedly into a poetic and deep story.

The Last Door: Collector’s Edition contains four terrifying episodes of occult and otherworldly horror inviting you to investigate Victorian England’s deepest, darkest secret.

Return to the glory days of role-playing and adventure in Quest for Infamy, a humor-filled fantasy epic, styled in the vein of classic PC RPGs, where you play the charming villain.

Arena: Cyber Evolution is a sport MOBA opposing 2 teams of 3 members. Right between a hockey game and a classic MOBA, you play a hero called a Runner and perform with your team during intense 5 minutes games.

Floors of Discomfort is a fast paced, extremely difficult, rogue-lite, platformer. Choose from one of five unlockable characters, each with their own back stories, and reasons for being in the lair of Nexrolis.

Pixel Star is a humble arcade shoot-‘em-up; It stays true to its roots while seamlessly blending modern techniques to create a unique style.

Lifestyles of The Twitch And Famous Bundle includes:

  • Rage Runner
  • Pretentious Game
  • The Last Door – Collector’s Edition
  • Quest for Infamy
  • ACE Founder Pack DLC
  • Floors of Discomfort
  • Pixel Star

Get your copy of the Lifestyles of The Twitch And Famous Bundle over at Groupees!




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