Groupees Miller’s RPG Bundle

Groupees Miller’s RPG Bundle collects 7 games, 2 DLC’s & 1 software for $2.25

Groupees Miller's RPG Bundle

Pay $2.25 or more to get the following Steam and Greenlight titles:

  • Waste Walkers (Steam)
  • Waste Walkers Deliverance (DLC) (Steam)
  • Waste Walkers Awareness (DLC) (Steam)
  • Guardian’s Oath (Steam)
  • Anykey Simulator (Steam)
  • Squeezone (Steam)
  • Lectrovolt II (Steam)
  • Land of Dasthir (Greenlight)
  • Final Quest II (Greenlight)
  • Colossal Blueprint (Greenlight)

15% of whatever you decide to pay (if you’re buying) goes to Casa Hope charity. This bundle will be available until October 19th 2016.

Get the Groupees Miller’s RPG Bundle here

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