Groupees: Sometimes Tuesday Journey of Them Bundle

This bundle contains some music, games and comics!


Play through musical puzzler Circuits, that requires you to carefully listen in order to get to the next level while piecing together different parts of songs. Ascension to the Throne will appeal to those who like combination of TBS and RPG. Bleed introduces you to Wryn, a girl who has a gun collection as big as her dreams. Journey of the King is an old school RPG with interesting story and hack n’ slash elements.

Pay what you want for:

  • Circuits
  • Ascension to the Throne
  • Them – The Summoning
  • Bleed
  • Journey of the King (Alpha)
  • The Tomorrow War

Pay $2 for:

  • True Rivals – The Revenant
  • The Secret Adventures of Houdini

Get it over at Groupees.

Editor’s note: We just loved playing Bleed, it’s good enough by itself to warrant buying the whole package. Of course, only if awesome games are your thing. Are they? Sure they are 🙂

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