Groupees The 50 – Battle Bundle ($0.50 min)

Groupees The 50 – Battle Bundle – Here’s another 50 cent bundle by Groupees, bringing a lot of value for pretty much nothing.

Groupees The 50 - Battle Bundle ($0.50 minimum)

Here’s what you can get for half a dollar in the Groupees The 50 – Battle Bundle:


  • Betrayer (Steam) – a first person action adventure game that takes you to the New World at the turn of the 17th century.
  • RoBoRumble (Steam) – a real-time 3D strategy game, offering two major battle campaigns consisting of 15 missions each and a multi-player mode with hot combat for up to four players at a time.
  • Apothecarium: The Renaissance of Evil (Steam) – The story takes place in Italy in the époque of the Renaissance. Disastrous outbreak of plague and leprosy is raving, taking thousands of lives.
  • Bloodbath Kavkaz (Steam) –  an action-packed Top-Down Action based around russian culture, telling the story of Caucasian ex-killer named Shamil Rakhmanov.
  • Showing Tonight: Midhunters Incident (Steam) – After falling asleep in the cinema, you wake up in a movie you’ve seen so many times before. Use your detective skills to solve the mystery of the missing film crew and finish the movie.
  • Throne Rushers (DRM-free) – Throne Rushers is an action/platform 2D game where the goal is to reach the throne on the top of the map in first. If you die, you begin again at the beginning of the map!


  • Insert Vol 2 – Solar Soldier by Professor Sakamoto

  • Brand Old World by StrayBoom

Pretty good for a $0.50 bundle, yeah?

Get the Groupees The 50 – Battle Bundle for the next 7 days here

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