Humble Bundle: Future Games Show Discovery

Get hyped for the Future Games Show Summer Showcase—happening on June 8!—with this bundle of games packed with hits that graced the show in years past!

Humble Bundle: Future Games Show Discovery

Brace yourself for Gloomwood, a haunting immersive sim set in a Victorian-inspired world teeming with secrets and dread. Become the star of a deadly retro future Truman Show-style reality show in the thrilling 2.5D adventure American Arcadia. Set sail on a cooperative roguelite romp across hazardous, monster-infested seas in Ship of Fools.

Pay what you want for all these, plus 5 other great games in this bundle, and help support charity with your purchase!

Choose Between Two Options:

Tier 1: Pay just $10 to get:

Tier 2: Pay $15 to also get:

All games in this game bundle are activated on Steam through separate keys and are playable on Windows.

Humble Bundle: Future Games Show Discovery is available here

For more exciting bundles and gaming deals, check out all active offers at Humble Bundle’s active game bundles page.

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