Humble Bundle: Slice, Dice, & Everything Nice D3 After Dark

In the mood for some action games that are as risque as they are relentless? Get Bullet Girls Phantasia, Samurai Maiden and more!

 This PC game bundle is available only until April 16th 2024 so make sure to grab these cheap Steam keys while you can!

Humble Bundle: Slice, Dice, & Everything Nice D3 After Dark

This game bundle from D3 has the goods, with a selection of titles that bring the white-knuckle action alongside a healthy dose of fan service.

In Samurai Maiden, you’re a young woman with killer katana skills who’s whisked back to Japan’s Sengoku period to battle demonic monstrosities alongside her cute ninja comrades. Bullet Girls Phantasia is a third-person shooter that has you blasting away at hordes of orcs, skeletons, and other fantasy baddies, with content that dials the lewdness up to 11. Onee Chanbara Origin is an HD remake of the first two games in the pioneering bikini-wearing, zombie-slaying action series, both as ravishing and action-packed as ever.

Pay what you want for all these games and more, and help support Cool Effect and One Tree Planted with your purchase!

All games are delivered as Steam keys. Normally, the total cost for the games in this bundle is as much as $359.

Buy Humble Bundle: Slice, Dice, & Everything Nice D3 After Dark here

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