Humble Comics Bundle 2: Image Firsts

143 fantastic Image Comics are now offered in the Comics Bundle 2.

Sample FREE comics every day from the beginning of the promotion..

Pay what you want. This collection of comics would normally cost you up to $283 if purchased separately, but here at Humble Bundle, we leave it up to you to decide what the bundle is worth.

Keep calm, Rick Grimes
Keep calm, Rick Grimes

Multiple formats support: CBZ, PDF, HQ PDF, and ePub, (e-readers, iPads, cell phones, and other mobile devices!  More instructions here.)

The Comics included are following:

  • Image Expo 2015 Preview Book
  • Alex + Ada Vol. 1 (#1-5)
  • Deadly Class Vol. 1 (#1-6)
  • C.O.W.L. Vol. 1 (#1-5)
  • Elephantmen 2260 Book One (#51-55)
  • Minimum Wage Vol. 1 (#1-6)
  • God Hates Astronauts Vol. 1
  • Genius #1-5
  • Satellite Sam Vol. 1 (#1-5)

Beat the average:

  • The Manhattan Projects Book One (#1-10)
  • The Wicked + The Divine Vol. 1 (#1-5)
  • The Fuse Vol. 1 (#1-6)
  • Velvet Vol. 1 (#1-5)
  • Sex Criminals Vol. 1 (#1-5)
  • Wytches #1
  • The Walking Dead Vol. 22: A New Beginning (#127-132)
  • The Fade Out #1
  • …and more comics coming soon!

Pay $18 or more to unlock:

  • The Walking Dead Compendium One (#1-48)
  • East of West: The World (One-shot)
  • Saga Book One (#1-18)


Check it out now on the Humble Bundle site!




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