Humble Indie Bundle 17

Humble Indie Bundle 17 – you know,  Humble Indie bundles was exactly why we started to write about bundles in the first place – it made us discover great games we never would have bought in the first place.

So, the 17th Indie bundle is live. Time does fly! Do you like it? Tell us in the comment section below the article!

Pay what you want for:

  • Lethal League
  • The Beginner’s Guide
  • Galak-Z

Pay $1 or more to receive a coupon for 10% off Humble Monthly for new subscribers.

Pay more than the average price and you’ll also get:

  • Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime
  • Octodad: Dadliest Catch
  • EDIT: NEW GAMES ADDED – Hexcells Complete Pack, EXPAND, and Regency Solitaire.

Pay $10 or more for all of that plus Nuclear Throne.

We’ll update the article next week when the second tier of Humble Indie Bundle 17 gets even more titles!

Until then, you can grab this indie game collection over at Humble Bundle.

Enjoy playing!

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