Humble Let ‘Em Cook Game Bundle (9 Steam keys for $12)

Humble has cooked up some awesome cooking games, including Chef, Cooking Simulator and more. Starting from just $7 for the first 4 games.

Humble Let 'Em Cook Game Bundle

Dream of working in the restaurant biz, but would rather skip out on the extreme heat and brutal schedules? This bundle of awesome cooking-themed games will give you a taste of the chef’s life without all the cuts and burns!

Step into a realistically modeled and fully-equipped kitchen and hone your culinary skills in Cooking Simulator—and take your newfound talents with you to the post apocalypse with the Shelter DLC! Run a chaotic restaurant with up to three of your friends in the roguelike PlateUp! Pay what you want for 8 delectable culinary-themed games and help support World Central Kitchen and No Kid Hungry with your purchase!

Our recommendations:

  • PlateUp! is a cooperative cooking game where players manage a bustling restaurant, preparing and serving dishes under time pressure.
  • Cooking Simulator offers a highly realistic cooking experience with detailed recipes and kitchen tools.
  • Diner Bros – Its simplicity, combined with challenging and fun multiplayer modes, makes it a delightful choice for friends seeking a cooperative culinary challenge.

Choose Between Two Options:

Tier 1: Pay just $7 to get the first four Steam games, PlateUp!, Diner Bros, Cafe Owner Simulator and Epic Chef

Tier 2: Pay $12 to also get Cooking Simulator + DLC, Chef + DLC, Sugar Shack and One-armed Cook DLCs

All games in this game bundle are activated on Steam through separate keys and are playable on Windows.

Humble Let ‘Em Cook Game Bundle is available here

For more exciting bundles and gaming deals, check out all active offers at Humble Bundle’s active game bundles page.

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