Humble Paradox Management Bundle

More awesome games for you. To celebrate the early access launch of Surviving The Aftermath on the Humble Store, Humble has bundled a handful of the very best management games from Paradox Interactive, including Cities: Skylines – IndustriesSurviving Mars: Digital Deluxe Edition, and Prison Architect! Plus, your purchase will support a charity of your choice!

Humble Paradox Management Bundle

TIER 1: Pay $1 or more to get Prison Architect, Prison Architect – Aficionado Cities in Motion and Cities in Motion 2

TIER 2: Beat the average price to also receive Cities: Skylines + 3 DLC packs, Cities in Motion: US Cities, Cities in Motion: Tokyo, Cities in Motion: German Cities and Cities in Motion 2: European Cities

TIER 3: Pay $18 or more to get the top tier of games, including all the games in the first two tiers plus Surviving Mars – Deluxe Edition, Cities: Skylines – Industries, Surviving Mars: Space Race, Surviving Mars: Green Planet and Surviving Mars: Project Laika

Humble Paradox Management Bundle is available here

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