Humble Payday 2 Steam Game Bundle

Hey, it’s that game in which you wear clown masks and rob banks with your friends! Expand your Steam library with this brand new PC Steam game bundle  collecting Payday 2 and DLC.

Humble Payday 2 Steam Game Bundle

Set out on the ultimate crime spree with this big-time PC game bundle collecting PAYDAY 2 and more than 60 heists and content packs!

Round up a crew for the four-player co-op action-shooter phenomenon with the acclaimed base game. Keep the hits and contracts coming with a massive wave of additional heists, weapons, mods, outfits, and other add-on content from the game’s long, larcenous history.

Crack open the ultimate PAYDAY 2 vault, and help support Cancerfonden and the charity of your choice!

Choose one of 4 tiers; the more you pay, the more Steam keys you get:

  • 1st Tier: Pay $1 or more to get PAYDAY 2
  • 2nd Tier: Pay $10 to also get PAYDAY 2: Legacy Collection
  • 3rd Tier: Pay $15 to also get PAYDAY 2: Silk Road Collection
  • 4th Tier: Pay $20 to also get PAYDAY 2: City of Gold Collection

All games are delivered as separate Steam keys. Normally, the total cost for the games in this bundle is as much as $239.64. This PC game bundle is live until June 29th 2023.

Buy Humble Payday 2 Steam Game Bundle here

DISCLOSURE: IndieGameBundles uses affiliate links for Humble Bundle posts. That means that if you buy anything from Humble Bundle, a small percentage might go to us! This helps us pay the rising costs of running this site. Thank you for supporting IndieGameBundles.

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