Udemy: Android GameDev Unity Bundle 92% off

Android GameDev Unity Bundle – 6 All-Level Online Courses for Building Android Apps & Games

android game development

Take all your amazing mobile game ideas and make them into money-making realities without even dabbling in the intimidating world of app development. With just a little will (plus free app making software) and this course, there is a way.

  • 49+ lectures and 4+ hours of content
  • Step-by-step instruction for using a free and easy app-making software instead of learning complex code
  • Make an unlimited amount of games with free software
  • Learn to create Android game apps w/ simple drag & drop system
  • Build a timed matching game with cool features; each level getting increasingly harder
  • 100 different game ideas to inspire your next creation
  • Priceless resources to find free graphics & images
  • Test your app for quality insurance
  • Learn to upload your app
  • Tricks for making profit off your app without marketing

No matter your level of comfort with complex programming languages, this course will have you building your own game apps in Unity3D, an amazing platform for building production-quality games.

  • 223+ lectures and 28+ hours of content
  • Project-based courses where you will build games on your own
  • Learn C#, a powerful programming language
  • Gain an excellent general knowledge of game creation
  • Get up to speed with Unity3D
  • Learn how object-oriented programming works in practice
  • Transfer your knowledge to .NET, other languages, and more

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