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Pay What You Want: Hardcore Game Dev Bundle

Pay what you want for this useful game dev bundle. Game ideas are a dime a dozen, but you can make your dream game a reality with assistance from this amazing bundle suitable for aspiring game developers

Boris and the Dark Survival is free on Android and iOS

Another good mobile game goes temporarily free - from May 6th you can download Boris and the Dark Survival for a limited time on your Android or iPhone free of charge

Deus Ex GO is free on Android and iOS

Challenge all-new turn-based logic puzzles and solve a futuristic mystery in Deus Ex GO, the next tactical board game from the makers of HITMAN GO and LARA CROFT GO.

Alien: Blackout is free on App Store and Google Play for...

Try to stay alive while trapped aboard a crippled Weyland-Yutani space station carrying a deadly Xenomorph as it tirelessly hunts you and the crew. Free game April 26th only. Get it while you can!

Hitman GO is free on Android and iOS

Stuck at home? Hitman GO is free to download from April 17 to April 23 on your Android or iPhone.

4 more premium Android games you can get for free

Here are a few "COVID-19" #stayathome premium games that are free for a limited time and won't pester you asking for your pocket money: Cat Quest, Monument Valley 2, PUSH and Beast Towers TD

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GMG Immanitas Entertainment Pack

Want to fatten your Steam library a bit? GMG Immanitas Entertainment Pack is collecting 10 indie Steam games for €3.42. Get Sleeping Valley, BalanCity, Rover Wars, Asteroid Hideout and more
Fanatical Reaper Bundle 6

Fanatical Reaper Bundle 6