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Celo VPN: Lifetime Subscription

Keep All Your Online Activity 100% Secure at Home & On Public Wi-Fi

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These days, you can no longer take security and privacy issues over the Internet for granted. From hackers to the governments that should be protecting you, almost anyone and everyone wants a piece of your Web surfing activities. VPNs are the closest thing you can get to something like Harry Potter’s Invisibility Cloak, except for the Internet. You may have heard of them all, so why not give Celo a try as well. With Celo VPN, you won’t need to compromise your security just because you’re strapped for cash.

Celo VPN offers no holds barred security and privacy, thanks to numerous servers spread throughout several countries. 256-bit AES encryption ensures that all traffic are secure and no logs of your activities are ever kept. There are also no limits on connection speeds. And you get all that without having to go through hoops in setting up third-party apps and such.

Complete online security doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Celo VPN brings together all the essential tools one looks for in a VPN: high speed connections, worldwide servers, data encryption, and the ability to bypass location-based censorship. Plus with no logs kept of your online activity, you can put your full trust in Celo for years to come.

  • Protect your data from hackers & government agencies
  • Get super fast & reliable connections
  • Set up your VPN in a few easy steps
  • Secure your data w/ 256bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
  • Log into your VPN on 5 devices simultaneously
  • Use servers located all over the world
  • Unlock geo-restricted content globally
  • Enable two-factor authentication for extra security

Snag Celo VPN to browse privately and securely, available at IGB Deals!

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