IGB Deals: DIY Arduino Game Console Kit

Take technology into your own hands. This DIY Arduino Game Console Kit has everything you need to hack together a retro, handheld console using the open-source platform, Arduino, and an 8×8 LED matrix display. Put your inventor hat on as you solder together 40 parts on the custom circuit board, then switch into coder gear with how-to videos on creating your own games for your brand new, Game Boy-style console.

DIY Arduino Game Console Kit

Nerd Out With This Build and Code Your Own Console & Games Kit


Build your own handheld game console using inputs, solder together 40 parts on a custom circuit board, play Snake once your console is set up, download Breakout from the library, learn about Arduino w/ tutorials, use the custom library, cheat sheets & how-to videos to start creating your own games and make everything from tetris to Pac-Man.

For additional specs visit the link bellow.

Grab the DIY Arduino Game Console Kit over at IGB Deals.

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