IGB Deals: Google Guru Bundle

Google Guru Bundle

Tame Your Gmail Inbox, Master Google Spreadsheets & More with 8 Courses (27+ Hours) of Training!

google guru bundle

  • ‘Master Google Sheets’ Course

Google Spreadsheets is an amazing alternative to Microsoft Excel, and it’s time you joined legions of satisfied Google converts. You’ll find it a valuable tool for compiling, editing, and sharing spreadsheet data, whether you’re drafting charts and graphs, utilizing sorting and filtering tools, or performing any other task.

  • Effortless Email: Achieve Inbox Zero for Good & Master Gmail

Email should be a tool to optimize productivity, but it often causes more pain than it eliminates. Free yourself from the chains of a relentless Gmail inbox by using tools and techniques to customize, organize, and streamline your email management process. You’ll not only spend eight fewer hours per week on email, but also get more done than you thought possible.

  • Master the Google Apps Admin Console

Are you an admin for Google Apps for Education? With this course, you’ll learn everything you need to know to effectively manage your educational domain and tools. You’ll learn everything from how to set up your account for optimal productivity to setting up a naughty word list to monitor student emails, ultimately turning your school’s website management into a breeze.

  • How to Use Gmail to Maximize Your Productivity

If “inbox zero” has long been an unobtainable fantasy for you, it’s time to make it a reality. Learn everything from setting up your Gmail account for optimal productivity, to processing your emails with tricks like speed typing. You’ll not only cease to pull out your hair each time you look at your inbox—you’ll send your productivity soaring to new heights.

  • 25+ Gmail Strategies – Hit Email Inbox Zero

Spend hours each day sifting through a large pile of emails? There’s a better way to use Gmail. This course will teach you valuable techniques to tame your inbox, allowing you to configure settings, organize emails, and customize your interface like a pro. You’ll spend less time dealing with the minutiae of email management, and more time getting things done, period.

  • Google Chrome Developer Tools

Google Chrome isn’t just a way to view websites—it offers a suite of powerful tools to take them to the next level. Elevate your web design and development skills using the almighty suite of Google Chrome Development Tools, tucked into each Chrome browser. Before you know it, you’ll be tweaking front-end designs, increasing data transfer speeds, and much more like a veritable pro.

  • Master Google Drive

Pesky USB sticks? Inaccessible data? Not a problem any longer! Google Drive turns remote file storage and access, as well as virtual collaboration, into a dream. This cloud storage platform will enable you to easily organize, track, and back up your data remotely, allowing you to seamlessly collaborate upon and share it with others.

  • Google Apps for Everyone

If you haven’t added Google Apps to your productivity toolbox already, now’s your chance. Google Apps is a powerful (and yes, free) suite of tools that allows you to easily craft documents, create spreadsheets, assemble presentations, and more. And this course is your ticket to full-fledged mastery.

Become a web master with the Google Guru bundle from IGB Deals!

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