IGB Deals: Mobile App Developer Bundle

Complete Mobile App Developer Bundle

Learn Everything You Need to Turn Your App Idea into a Real, Working Product

mobile app developer

So you’re serious about not just creating an app, but ensuring everyone knows about it? Then data-driven marketing is the Robin to your Batman. In just 1.5 short hours, you’ll learn to effectively market your app to legions of potential users, learning about the mobile development landscape, pre-release and post-release marketing tactics, app engagement analytics, and much more.

If you’re aspiring to be a serious mobile developer, learn to program for Android Marshmallow. The latest version of the world’s most popular operating system, Android M offers you cutting-edge features with which to work your app magic. You’ll end this course with a great understanding of how to set up your development environment, use the Android SDK, and much more.

Kill two birds with one stone, and create mobile apps tailored towards both Android and iOS. You’ll learn to develop games using the Unity game engine, which allows you to do so with minimal code. Walk through instructions to craft a 2D zombies survival game, and conclude your lessons having learned how to design characters, add graphics, animate zombies, and much more.

  • Create a 2D zombies survival game in Unity 5 w/ 5 hours of content
  • Plan & design your game’s characters, map, etc.
  • Configure the game camera to work properly
  • Add background decorating elements
  • Program the game classes
  • Animate, program & duplicate your zombies
  • Program the shooting script, configure lights, add sound effects & more

Become a mobile app developer with elearning assistance from IGB Deals!

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