IGB Deals: NES Video Game Controller Soap, 2 Pack

If you can’t start your day off with a quick game of Super Mario 3 or Legend of Zelda, showering with these epic Nintendo controller soaps is definitely second best. NES Video Game Controller Soap deal makes a pair of detailed NES controller clones that will bring back a hint of nostalgia, and get you cleaned up and smelling like freshly cracked cans of Mountain Dew and Dr. Pepper. It’s a proven way to woo a significant other.

NES Video Game Controller Soap, 2 Pack

Clean Up with This Gamer-Approved, Mountain Dew & Dr. Pepper-Scented Soap


It’s molded in detail from a real NES controller , includes a waterproof vinyl sticker, it’s soda scented and made from a non-comedogenic soap base that keeps your pores clear! Plus, it’s gluten & soy free and vegan.

For detailed overview of ingridients and price head to link below!

Grab the NES Video Game Controller Soap, 2 Pack over at IGB Deals.

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