IGB Deals: Path Finder 7 deal for Mac

Tired of wasting valuable time wrestling with Finder on your Mac?

Say “adios” to Finder and take command of how your Mac manages files with a multitude of features, like putting your Finder windows into tabs and grouping files by criteria, to increase productivity. A recognized top choice for Finder replacements, Path Finder is hailed for its fast speed, temporary file-holding station, brand new file-syncing feature, its ability to allow you to merge many folders into one, and much much more.

“… when you need to do some serious file management and organization, it’s time to switch to something better. For that, we recommend our favorite file explorers… Path Finder” – LifeHacker’s Top 10 Paid Apps, 2nd Place

“The first thing that’ll hit you is that Path Finder is fast. Way faster than the Finder on my iMac. Image previews are instant, movies don’t lock it up for tens of seconds like they do the Finder, and regular navigation is quick, too.” – Cult of Mac

“It’s a file browsing tour de force.” – Ars Technica

This deal is available at IGB Deals store for a limited time

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