IGB Deals: Python Programming Learning

IGB Deals: Python Programming Learning

python programming elearning bundle

Elearning Python programming is a huge boon to anyone interested in coding. Whether you are an experienced or a newbie coder, our Python programming course can put you on the right track to becoming a superstar Python coder. There are plenty of other languages available at IGB Deals, should you want to take your programming even further. You have what it takes to change your career, and improve your life!

Python is a high-level programming language that allows you to deliver code faster and integrate systems more effectively than most other languages. It’s a powerful X-factor for the experienced programmer, and an excellent foundation for new ones. This course will not only teach you the language, but will help you identify specifically how to implement it into your coding life.

  • Discover Python with 28+ hours of training, labs, games, assignments & activities
  • Understand data types, data structures & important language constructs
  • Explore concepts such as strings, tuples, sets, iterations & loopings, objects, generators, and dictionaries
  • Experience the language through Python demos
  • Learn essential program frameworks that may be applied within & beyond Python
  • Track your improvement with pre & post-assessments
  • Study on the go w/ printable study guides

Start elearning Python Programming now with a great off from IGB Deals!

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