IGB Deals: ‘Servers for Hackers’ Elite Training

Don’t find yourself with crashed applications and broken servers, learn to administer the servers that keep your applications afloat!

Dive into 300+ pages of in-depth training on setting up and managing servers, hosting web applications, setting up multi-server environments, and getting the latest technologies.

With 6 case studies based on real-world examples and 12 video tutorials, you’ll truly know everything there is to know about the servers your proudly-programmed apps run on.

‘Servers for Hackers’ Elite Training

Learn to Administer Bulletproof Servers with Video Tutorials, Case Studies & A 300+ Page E-Book!

Servers for Hackers

Key features:

  • Configure your server for multi-tenancy applications & SSL certificates
  • Take advantage of Apache & Nginx’s processing and threading models
  • Perform basic & advanced configuration of Apache and Nginx (plus setup for dynamic applications)
  • Understand how to use a load balancer & Nginx and HAProxy load balancers
  • Set up MySQL Replication & balance connections between the databases
  • Install & manage the latest technologies
  • Set up each server securely & w/ the required software
  • Prevent unauthorized access, manage permissions & users, and learn to use the iptables firewall
  • Learn from real-world examples
  • Watch videos on Vagrant, SSL Certificates, Ansible & Supervisord

Grab ‘Servers for Hackers’ Elite Training over at IGB Deals at 61% off!

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