IGB Deals: Smokio Smart Vaporizer

Unlike your average vape, the Smokio works with its revolutionary mobile app to help you monitor your intake and reach your goals. The Smokio app is filled with insightful functionality to motivate you to keep going when the going gets tough.

Smokio Smart Vaporizer

Track Your Puffs Data w/ the World’s First Smart Vaporizer

Smokio Smart Vaporizer

Set notifications and milestones based on your goals, view a picture of your heart and lung condition & recovery, limit your number of puffs view your financial savings daily as you cut back on smoking and compare stats and get support from your friends.

Just like TechCrunch said it, it’s “an E-Cig that tells you how much you’ve increased your life expectancy with every puff”.

Grab Smokio Smart Vaporizer over at IGB Deals.

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