IGB Deals: How to Start A Side Business

Pay What You Want: ‘How to Start A Side Business’ Bundle


Sell with Amazon: Fancy yourself a top-seller of goods on Amazon? The process isn’t complex to learn. Source and rebrand products from Alibaba, sell them via the Fulfilled By Amazon program, and use marketing tactics to increase sales. You’ll position yourself to launch a lucrative venture, and learn valuable skills applicable to other businesses you may start later on.

Private Label Products: A big key to driving sales for any product? Branding (as Apple customers can attest to). Because even great items won’t appeal to consumers unless effectively packaged and marketed. Luckily, this course has you covered: you’ll learn to craft a brand name that’s memorable and keyword friendly, emulate the successes of leading online sellers, and much more.

Importing from China: This course demystifies the process of importing goods from China for resale, offering insights teased from the experience of real professionals. You’ll master everything from negotiating prices with suppliers to fulfilling orders, and will even get a crash course on conducting travel to China to bolster your business acumen.

Build an eBay Business: If you’re an aspiring online seller but have only used eBay to bid on items, you should rethink how you approach the site. Go from buyer to seller on this expansive e-commerce platform, and build a profitable business in no time. You’ll learn to gain valuable selling experience, find a reliable drop shipper, source quality items at wholesale prices, and much more.

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