IGB Deals: The ‘Spring Clean’ Mac Bundle

Out with useless files, in with freed space. The ‘Spring Clean’ Mac Bundle includes 7 apps to give your Mac a fresh start. At an amazing discount of 77% off!

'Spring Clean' Mac Bundle

The ‘Spring Clean’ Mac Bundle includes:

  • Disk Expert
    The Most Efficient Way to Remove the Bulk
    Quickly and easily find the biggest, bulkiest files, so you can remove or back them up as needed. Disk Expert makes the process simple and intuitive so you can clear space faster.
  • Duplicates Expert
    Find & Destroy Space-Eating Duplicates
    Statistics show that at least 7% of your Mac is most likely clogged by duplicates. Get rid of them now with Duplicates Finder, and start the season with a clean slate.
  • ClearDisk
    Clean Your Startup Disk: Save Time & Your Mac’s Space
    In 5 minutes or less, ClearDIsk will help you remove any unnecessary files from your Mac’s startup disk. It’s fast, efficient, and worth every penny.
  • Disk Inspector
    A Quick & Helpful Breakdown of Your Storage Drive
    Disk Inspector goes beyond the startup disk— it scans a wide variety of drives, disks, and storage types to give you a complete assessment of valuable space you are wasting.
  • App Uninstaller
    Seamlessly Uninstall Applications & All Its Service Files
    Deleting applications in Finder doesn’t necessarily erase the application and all its associated files completely. Make sure those extra files aren’t eating up precious space on your Mac with this helpful app that does the legwork for you.
  • Boost & Memory
    Clean Cached RAM Memory. Speed Up Your Machine.
    Boost & Memory manages your Mac’s memory from the menu bar so you can free up space whenever needed.
  • Funter
    The Simplest Way to View Invisible Files on Your Mac
    Perfect for IT professionals, engineers, programmers, and web developers, Funter is easy to use and well worth the download.
Buying these apps separately would cost you more than $40. However, IGB Deals offers them at a bargain.

Grab The ‘Spring Clean’ Mac Bundle over at IGB Deals for only $9.99 (that’s 76% off!).

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