IGB Deals: The Wii U + Super Smash Bros Giveaway

Wii U + Super Smash Bros Giveaway

Nintendo is all about fun. The Wii U may not have the best graphics on the market, but it has some of the most exciting and fun titles out there.

From the most recent editions of classics like Mario Cart, Zelda, and of course Super Smash Bros, to new favorites like World of Goo and Rayman Raving Rabbids, you can always count on Nintendo for some good clean fun for you and your chums.

So long story short, the Wii U is awesome, and thanks to IGB Deals you have a chance to get one + a copy of the newest Super Smash Bros game and 2 extra controllers so you can serve your buddies a serious beat down.

How to participate in the Wii U + Super Smash Bros Giveaway:

  • Head over to the IGB Deals page for this giveaway.
  • Submit your email address and click ENTER NOW. Make sure it’s valid as this is where the winner will be contacted. Plus, you can increase your odds with more entries! After entering your email address, you can share on Twitter. The more your friends and followers enter, the more entries you receive.
  • Limit one registration per person – registering more than one email address will result in disqualification from this giveaway
  • Official Giveaway End Date: 11:59pm (PST) on 4/08/15

Good luck everyone!

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