IGB Deals: Ultimate Web Developer Bundle

Ultimate Web Developer Bundle

Go Beyond the Code–13 Courses to Master Tools, Frameworks & Techniques That’ll Streamline Your Coding Workflow

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Mastering Git: A powerful source control management program, Git will allow you to track changes and revert to any previous versions of your code, helping you implement an efficient, effective workflow. With this course, you’ll master everything from setting up your Git environment, to writing clean code using the Reset and Revert features, to ultimately understanding the entire Git workflow from start to finish.

Mastering CSS: Build your knowledge of CSS, master one of the most valuable tools in modern web design, and take your development skills to the next level. You’ll review important CSS foundations, dive into responsive design, and more, becoming adept at creating sleek, feature-rich apps in less time than it takes for you to say “Cascading Style Sheets” three times fast.

JQuery UI: Why reinvent the wheel by building oft-used components and functionalities from scratch? Turn to jQuery UI, and benefit from this suite of official plug-ins for the jQuery library. Utilizing features such as the ThemeRoller app (which allows you to quickly skin components), you’ll save hundreds of hours in development and benefit from a solid platform on which to build rich, engaging interfaces.

Angular JS: AngularJS is a Google-backed JavaScript framework that simplifies development of single-page apps. Add this modern framework to your repertoire, and you’ll automate the coding of repetitive tasks such as rendering and event binding. This will free you to work on the actual logic of your code, equipping you to build rich, quality apps faster than ever—and without cutting any corners at that.

And so much more!

Get your Ultimate Web Developer Bundle over at IGB Deals!

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