IGB Deals: Game Developer Bundle

Virtual Reality & 3D Game Developer Bundle

Score 3 Courses (95.5+ Hours) & Start Crafting Next-Generation VR Games

The Complete Unity Developer


Fancy yourself a game developer? You can turn that vision into reality with this comprehensive course, which encompasses a whopping 51 hours of premium instruction. Learn by building 8 games using the Unity game engine, and master a valuable development skill set transferrable to any other projects you take on thereafter.

  • Build 8 games in Unity w/ over 295 lectures & 51 hours of content
  • Master C#, as well as general object-oriented programming concepts
  • Use the Unity game engine to create games w/ minimal code
  • Understand how to write basic scripts
  • Learn development skills transferrable to other projects
  • Master creation of production-quality games by course’s end

Virtual Reality Designer


Itching to create the next big app? Look no further than virtual reality, a hot platform for which the app market is still undeveloped. In this course, you’ll start with a broad overview of VR fundamentals, then focus on developing for the Google Cardboard platform. Using the game engine Unity, you’ll build a working game from scratch, and become a true VR master by course’s end.

  • Dive into all things virtual reality w/ over 49 lectures & 7.5 hours of content
  • Get an overview of virtual reality fundamentals
  • Understand what the top 5 VR platforms are & how they compare
  • Create a Google Cardboard VR game from scratch
  • Understand common VR terms, e.g. latency, DOF, HMD, etc.
  • Take end-of-section quizzes to consolidate your knowledge

Get your bundle and start making a game over at IGB Deals!

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