IGB Deals: IPinator VPN Lifetime Subscription

IPinator VPN & SmartDNS: VPN Lifetime Subscription Bundle

Get the Best of Both Proxy Worlds–Complete Internet Protection & Freedom Either Way You Put It

IPnator VPN: Lifetime Subscription

IPinator VPN keeps your web browsing private and your data secure by installing a fake IP in your web browser with a click of a button. Simple and effective, IPinator is the easiest way to avoid identity theft, government spying, and other cyber crimes no matter where in the world you log on.

  • Encrypts your Internet connection to keep away hackers & cyber criminals
  • Works w/ Android, Windows, Mac & Chrome Web browsers
  • Prevents others from seeing your true IP address
  • Allows you to change your IP address frequently
  • Bypasses firewalls, geo-restricted sites & blocked websites so you browse the Internet freely
  • Includes a feature for sending anonymous emails with no personal info
  • Resets your IP settings to normal once you close the app

IPinator SmartDNS: Lifetime Subscription

Tired of the installation processes and settings required to run a VPN? IPinator’s SmartDNS makes it super simple to protect your Internet traffic and bypass geographical restrictions without any extra effort. Plus your can proxy almost any device—even your game console.

  • Easily hide your IP address w/o any extra software
  • Prevent DNS IP leaks in the case your connection temporarily disconnects
  • Use w/ game consoles, routers & more
  • Secure your traffic w/ encrypted DNS
  • Proxy your device w/o needing extra settings like protocols, port numbers & authentication

Get your IPnator VPN Lifetime Subscription over at IGB Deals!

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