Indie Gala: Every Monday Bundle #47

Every Monday Bundle #47 is out. These are the stand-outs:

In Infinity Runner, the player controls the protagonist, the prisoner, from a first-person perspective as he is challenged to escape from the gargantuan spaceship.

In Bliss you are a shadow trapped in a strange world constructed from someone’s memories. The world is infected with dark creatures that you have to remove before you can proceed. To your disposal you have a boomerang and a stopwatch that can freeze time.

A giant has stolen all the grub from the Grag tribe in Prehistorik! You play the role of Grag and set off on this monster’s trail in search of food! Help this prehistoric hero defeat his monstrous enemies and bring back some loot to the village!

Also included in this edition of Every Monday Bundle are shump Procyon, retro platformer Squirreltopia and a reductive platforming game Love.

Every Monday Bundle #47 includes:

  • Procyon
  • Squirreltopia
  • Love
  • Bliss
  • Infinity Runner
  • Prehistorik

Grab the latest Every Monday Bundle over at Indie Gala.

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